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                    Cloud data extraction and analysis system is an integrated portable forensics product for WeChat and AliPay bills. Ruihai developed this system based on many years of forensics practice and combined with the forensics requirements from the front line cases. This product aims at the latest trend of payment methods and faces the difficult problem of obtaining evidence in the field of judicial evidence collection. Through the analysis of communication protocol, it realizes the function of obtaining and analyze all the historical bill data of WeChat and Alipay.
                    Software Feature
                    • Simple and Unlimited Operation

                      It is not restricted by the version of mobile phone system and software, and no special system permission is required. Can be directly extract Android and iOS system device.

                    • Comprehensive Content Extraction

                      Extraction content includes Alipay, WeChat payment account, transaction details, expenditure time, income time, and other detailed user information.

                    • Visualized Data Display

                      Support chart form, directly display numbers, time, and objects transaction details, time, type and balance of payments.

                    • Convenient Report Export

                      The system has the function of payment bill export, which can be customized to export the Excel format, complete display of all the contents of the bill and details.

                    Software Introduction
                    Two Smart Phone OS

                    Support Android and iOS system.

                    Android OS

                    Support the highest Android 8.1 version, without Root permission and USB cable connection.

                    iOS System

                    Support the highest iOS 12.1, without jailbreak and USB cable connection.

                    Bill Details Display

                    Payment bill will display with chart or list, more clear and visualized.

                    The Chart Form

                    Clear and visualized display transaction object, time, type, payment proportion.

                    List Form

                    Payment ID, amount, handling fee, time, remarks, transaction number information.

                    Key Word Search

                    Can search key word, and choose time scope.

                    Filter Function

                    System has filter function, can filter label and choose multiple labels simultaneously.

                    Shortcut Filter Label

                    Transaction, QR code collection, red packet, refund, recharge and withdraw,etc.

                    Bill Export

                    Can export bill content as Excel format.

                    Acquire Alipay Bill Information

                    Not logged on other devices, the mobile phone support offline operation.

                    Acquire WeChat Bill Information

                    Not log on to other device, and had browsed the WeChat bill.